Legal Compliance Solutions

Welcome to IMERO, the one-stop digital labelling solution designed to streamline your company's compliance with the latest European Union (EU) regulations. Our cutting-edge software enables companies to quickly create and manage compliant digital product labels, enabling brands to navigate complex EU regulations with ease and efficiency. From nutritional information for wines to recycling data for household products and cosmetics, we are your trusted partner in providing transparent product details.

The e-label for wine

Discover the evolution of wine labelling with IMERO! Include comprehensive nutritional and ingredient information in an easy-to-scan QR code. Promote consumer transparency and easily comply with the EU Digital E-Labelling Regulation. Revolutionise the way you share product details with IMERO. Learn more and create your e-label now at

Recycling labels for product packaging

Join the green revolution with IMERO’s digital labelling solution for product packaging! Quickly create QR codes with detailed recycling information to encourage eco-conscious choices while complying with Italian packaging regulations. Transform your packaging transparency with IMERO and drive sustainability one scan at a time.
Learn more and create your recycling label now on


Unlock the future of product labelling with IMERO’s easy-to-use platform that allows you to generate your own QR codes and content in minutes, bypassing the need for software agencies or legal consultants. Stay ahead of the curve as the EU moves towards implementing QR codes on all products by 2030 through its Digital Product Passport Directive. With IMERO, you can achieve effortless compliance, increase product transparency and foster consumer trust in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace.
Enter the era of digital product labelling with IMERO – fast, compliant and efficient. Your journey to transparency begins here.

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