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Reconnecting customers with manufacturers

The growing Internet trade of recent years has led to more and more counterfeit products being offered and manufacturers losing contact with their customers since they now shop on platforms such as Amazon. Counterfeit products in particular cause terrible social damage: for example, around 1 million people die from counterfeit medicines every year.

With IMERO, manufacturers can give their products a unique and unforgeable identity that allows them to communicate directly with their customers. The solution is an interactive label with an integrated high-security chip: the SMARTLIGHT. Contacting the manufacturer becomes as easy as mobile payment: simply hold the smartphone briefly against the label and the customer can verify the authenticity of the product and secure many other benefits and information from the manufacturer.

The cost of lost customer connection

Large internet platforms and fake stores boost counterfeit trade and cause high marketing spending.

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1 M people

die every year due to fake drugs. The rise of online-pharmacies has helped to spread fake medicine even faster.

Picture of loosing money

500 Bn €

losses and severe image-damage due to counterfeit products.

Picture of serarching customers

320 Bn €

are spent by manufacturers on online marketing to get information about their customers.

The IMERO solution

IMERO uses the same technology as banks for the product authentication - the read-out requires just a smarpthone.

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A unique, attractive and smart label which communicates directly with a smartphone which is brought close to the tag.

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Any Smartphone

The SMARTLIGHT works with every smartphone- without installing an app. However, with the IMERO app a higher security level can be archieved and additional benefits are accessible.

And this is how it works

Easy implementation for businesses ...

Just by adding the SMARTLIGHT either as a certificate or attaching it to your product.

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... and customers just have to hold the smartphone close to the label.

The smartphone uses NFC technology to verify the authenticity of a product.

Why Imero?

A unique identity for every product.

Maximum Security

The smartlight uses the same technology as banks to secure our labels from fraud.

User friendly design

Just hold your smartphone close to the label - no app is needed.

Easy Implementation

IMERO provides the unforgeable SMARTLIGHT labels and the complete IT infrastructure behind to minimize the implementation effort.

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