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The nanoworld directly into your smartphone

IMERO is an all-in-one solution for anti-counterfeit. It provides a unique identity to any product or service by projecting the unique nanoworld into your smartphone camera. Any smartphone equipped with the IMERO App can verify this identity, but nobody can copy it. This enables innovative brands to protect their products against counterfeits, as consumers can now check the authenticity of a product as often as they want. Furthermore, different steps in the supply chain can easily be digitalized by linking them to the unique identity. This makes documentation processes more efficient and less vulnerable to fraud.

The global problem of counterfeits and piracy

Counterfeits: A trillion dollar business

By 2022, frontier economics estimates the total value of counterfeit and pirated good to be 1,9 – 2,8 Trillion USD. The numbers are based on an extensive study by the EUIPO & OECD.

Global employment losses

The forgone revenue of innovative companies has consequences: by 2022 these companies will employ about 5 Million people less than they could.

1 million fatalities

The consumption of counterfeit drugs causes about 1 million deaths and countless casualties all over the world. The rise of online-pharmacies has helped to spread fake drugs even faster.

The IMERO solution

The nanoworld directly into your smartphone camera

Picture of the nanolabel

The Nanolabel

As soon as you come close with a smartphone, the Nanolabel emits a unique optical fingerprint.

Picture of a phone scanning the nanolabel


Every smartphone with the IMERO App can verify the optical fingerprint emitted by the Nanolabel.

And this is how it works:

Why Imero?

A unique Identity for every Product and Service

Maximum Security

To copy our solution, one would need to rebuild randomly grown features on the nanometer scale – an impossible challenge with today’s technology.


Anyone with a smartphone can authenticate a product or service using the IMERO App - independent of the type of smartphone.

Easy Implementation

IMERO provides the unforgeable identifiers, the App and the Datacenter backend - no additional infrastructure needed.


Check out our Use Cases by clicking on the images below!

Picture of a watch
Consumer goods
Luxury, electronics, footwear,...
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Machine components
Aerospace, automotive, tools...
Picture of drugs
Vaccines, drugs, diagnostics,...

Our Team

We are a proud member of the Entrepreneurship Center hub of Technical University Munich (TUM).

Picture Dr. Benedikt Mayer

Dr. Benedikt Mayer

Co-Founder | Product Development

Picture Jonas Schenk

Jonas Schenk, MBA, M.Sc.

Co-Founder | Finance, Sales & Marketing

Picture Max Bauer

Max Bauer, M.Sc.

Co-Founder | Software & Implementation

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